Members of SSQA and other quilters: 

Effective by the end of August 2013,
SSQA will be no longer.


If you have any questions,
contact the President:
Art Callinan


Below you will find what was decided to do with any remaining money that is left and all bills are paid.

THIS PROJECT Is only in the beginning planning stages.

Documentation was something that SSQA wanted to see all the quilts in Florida documented. And we have done over 700 and we can still document quilts.

The Quilt Index Guild Project is a new initiative for Quilt Guilds to join the Quilt Index. 

Each participating Quilt Guild will get:

  • Their own web page (developed in WordPress) where they can record basic information about their guild. The guild can choose to add pages that will have the capacity to replace their current web sites and/or simply link to their existing website.

  • Training in how to add information on and images of their members' quilts, members’ artist statements, biographical information, and/or stories about their quilts, as well as images of quilt makers.

  • A place in the Quilt Index where all of the guild’s quilts can be displayed. 

  • The ability to compare their members' quilts with thousands of other quilts.

  • The ability to document their quilt shows to create a permanent record of these events. 

Initial development of the Quilt Index Guild Project
was supported by funds
from the Sunshine State Quilters Association.